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So, a 12x18 print arrives in a mailing tube - cost $12+ dollars- when I open the tube the inside end has been pushed, creased and crumpled. I write snapfish to tell them their packaging is less than desired but I would try to use the print as I had a deadline. Instead of " sorry you had a bad experience, tell us how we can correct it" I received multiple canned responses about providing them with 3 photographs so they can evaluate the issue.... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 9 hours ago
  • #908239

Resolution was horrible! I went and printed the same exact pictures at Walgreens and it was 100% better..

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Snapfish was advertised as 'safe and secure storage' (The original text is still on google under HP snapfish). Not true any more. the new owners lost a significant number of my older pics and they could not have cared less. Their response was 'off-hand' and they tried to put the blame back to me. the advert says SAFE SECURE STORAGE and does not mention that this might change at any time. Also the new download facility which only allows you to... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900620

I want my pictures back!

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I absolutley loved Snapfish. Made years worth of photo books with them. When they changed to the new and IMPROVED site, they had me in hysterical tears, realizing all my photo book projects were screwed up and some lost forever. I tried in vain to contact someone from Snapfish, but they removed their customer service phone number and all you get is customer service "chat" with people who don't understand English and are provided with canned... Read more

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snapfish lost all of my pictures because their software migration didn't work These were pictures of my late father, my grandbabies, memories I will never get to look at again. Sickens me. Their response, sorry, you shouldn't have only put them on here. You should always back up your data. Well still lost all of my projects. You guys suck I don't have to use 100 words to let you know how much you suck, I am sure you already... Read more

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I used to love Snapfish - I bought so much from them because they had an easy use system, fast, great projects (especially the collage on all one sheet of photos) - I have been literally pulling my hair out for 2 days working on something to the point I am walking away - this is horrible - adios - Anyone have any better suggestions? Plus I reached out to them through the customer service, email etc. NOT ONE RESPONSE. Told them leaving unless... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 15
  • #882826

New snapfish site is rubbish. Albums are not in right order, and I'm worried I'm going to lose my photos. Takes ages to upload pics too. Please go back to old classic site.

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  • From mobile
  • Jul 14
  • #882707

Lost videos of my family all over the world. Shame on me for thinking just because I was paying additional to keep my videos safe they were secure. Very disappointed!

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I could not agree more. The new snapfish site is HORRIBLNE and so much harder to use. I cannot imagine why in the world they would shut down the classic site before having this new site fully functional. Some features on the classic site were no longer functioning in December 2015 but also not available on the new site, making my annual Christmas gift of a family calendar a nightmare to try & create. It is now June 2016 and there are still... Read more

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