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Received email back in Feb 2016 saying the were upgrading to a newer better site. How ever they did not say that if you don't upgrade to the newer site you will lose all your photos and that was the only email I received tell me about the change. Ia'm sure that if they mention in the email header subject that you will lose your photos if you do not upgrade me and every one else would have. How can they jeopardize letting all their customers... Read more

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This is insane! I've been having this argument with their support since June now. Funny part is it got escalated to some senior manager called Jon who assured me that 'bulk download' option will be rolled out in August. I thanked him and patiently waited. In September when I emailed asking 'What's the status?' the email could not be delivered!!! What a joke! These people have thousands of our photos and holding them hostage. Please keep... Read more

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They corrupted my files and lost my pictures for years back. I got an apology and that is it. Do not use this site. The chat support person said they are trying to find a solution to "uncorrupt" the files, but I am very doubtful that will ever happen. I will not use Snapfish again and I have been a customer since 2004. They should at least post an explanation and a warning on the website. I can't imagine how I would feel if this was my only... Read more

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All my albums are blank - no photos inside. All are GONE GONE GONE. They had some problem with their software and it corrupted everyone's photos so that they are lost forever. No apologies, no warning, no email nothing. I just logged in 1 day and 90% gone. They are the worst company. IN this day and age - when that is what they do - charge people and STORE PHOTOS, how is this possible??? They offered my 300 free prints. I am NEVER using... Read more

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I didn't like the new version a year or two ago but recently came back to re-order some pics. A recent album takes a long time to load but it does finally show up. Older albums: 2014, 2013 & 2012 don't open up (at least for the period of time I sat here waiting) but a photo will show up in the thumbprint photo in the upper left corner. Then as I continued to try to find an older photo, the thumbprint photo didn't change as I selected... Read more

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I cannot understand why you took an easy to use website that was so user friendly and changed it. I am so frustrated with this new site and I have tried over and over thinking I just need more practice. You have most of my life's photos on this site but I am seriously about to give up and use someone else. The address book seems to be gone, so everytime I send photos to a friend I need to retype the address. Adding photos to the cart... Read more

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Several albums submitted from 2006 - 2008 have been lost. The albums were from film I sent in for processing. I wanted to create another photo album as a gift and discovered the missing albums. I contacted Snapfish and got no satisfaction, was told it is not a storage site, non HR photos couldn't be seen, and I should have saved the photos in three locations. (How would I do this with actual films, not digital?) Oddly, photos from other, older... Read more

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  • Sep 28
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Snapfish just informed me that every single print that we've posted, since 2004, is corrupted and gone forever. I am devastated. I'm ready to go viral to put the nails in that company's coffin. What a horrible situation for their customers.

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I have had the same experience. I've been a Snapfish user for about 8 years. Ever since they've switched to the new website, doing business with them SUCKS!!! I'm an amateur photographer trying to get more exposure. I often order large size prints, 11x14 and up. This is almost impossible with the new website. I've complained multiple times, and get no response. I'm currently preparing pictures for entry in our Harvest Fair Art Show. I... Read more

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I have used snapfish for over 10 years and always loved it, and told my friends to use it. I have spent thousands of dollars on mugs, magnets, calendars, etc... Since they changed the website, I hate snapfish. The new website is slow and impossible to use. It is sooo NOT user friendly. When you try to contact someone at Snapfish, it is almost impossible. I have sent many complaints to the tech people to let them now how disappointing the... Read more

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