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I have been escalating my issues with Snapfish for 2 months since they launched the new site. I paid a fee every year for them to store my videos, my childs births, 1st steps, birthdays!

I can see the video is there but it won't play .. I keep getting an error! 2 months they have been working on it! They should be ashamed of themselves.

Has anyone had any luck with the videos, I'm just beside myself. Years and Years of uploading pics/videos and they are all out of order ...

it's a complete CLUSTER!!!

I think we need a class action lawsuit. They are holding our memories hostage.

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I am in the same boat...lost all my videos of my first born son...lost many tears as well.


I am in the same boat! Years of my kiddos growing up are not accessible. Has there been a resolution?


I lost all my videos also. Have we started a class action lawsuit?

I paid for the video service and when I spoke to somebody when the news it was being launched, they told me that we could still access videos but couldn’t upload new videos. I was never told that they were going to delete videos.


Snapfish lost my videos years ago...I am still devastated...we need to start a class can they get away with this?


Well, it's looking like i am a victim of this Snapfish SNAFU! And any lecture about backing up things several times is like salt in the wound.

I was an overwhelmed new mom of twins and Snapfish provided a quick solution for me to upload my iPhone videos. Now 200+ photos of my kids are there, but not viewable.

Has anyone had any luck? Clearly I am going to work harder to preserve my memories.


You ask where your videos are. They should be on one of your offline backups that you routinely keep of anything important or critical.

We have a continuous backup on Carbonite, one automatic on a local hard drive and periodically copy to a CD or DVD and keep it at our sons house.

That way if your house floods or burns or whatever, you STILL have a backup.

NEVER rely on only one or even two backups of anything critical. Personal computers have been around since the early 80s and most of us have learned in the school of hard knocks to be VERY diligent about critical backups. Now you know why.

It's worth the time.

No, I do not work for Snapfish, I'm just someone who has learned the hard way about backups. Now you have too.

Buffalo, New York, United States #1355038

I've had the same issue as everyone else in this thread. Lost all of my videos and told there is nothing they can do and no recourse for me.

Boston, Massachusetts, United States #1350710

In same situation here. Where are the videos!?!

Dozens of videos I can't access.

I stupidly paid their annual fee. Has a class action been filed?

Marlborough, Massachusetts, United States #1343578

I also have lost all my videos! Has there been any feedback from Snapfish for anyone?

Brookhaven, Mississippi, United States #1334331

Did you ever find your video ? I cant find mine either

Monroe, Ohio, United States #1325898

I just found out that roughly 1/2 of the over 5,000 irreplaceable family photos I've stored on Snapfish since the year 2000 are GONE!!!! Something about the "HR copy" missing.

They say that can't recover them. WTH??? I had a flood in my house several years ago, so these are the ONLY copies of these cherished photos!

We've had a death in the family and MUST have these photos for the memorial service!



Some of my important videos disappeared. I wish they would've told us to download them before switching to new site.

Bournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom #1309825

They lost all my kids videos too!! I feel your pain :(

Vancouver, Washington, United States #1298487

Yes very upsetting. I have all my videos of my grandchildren - 10 years worth - and now I can see them!!!!!

Surely this will be fixed soon. Hite some new computer dudes!!!!!!

Sanford, Florida, United States #1297928

I am also devastated that I cannot view my videos. My husband passed away a few months ago and there are videos of him that cannot be accessed.

I did backup my pictures and videos on a backup hard drive but that crashed. Technology !!!!


Any luck with this??? I am still devastated at the loss of my videos...

North Wales, Pennsylvania, United States #1252210

I agree - I just responded to someone else's complaint and had the same experience. 100's of videos of my child - from infant to five years old.

GONE. I agree, is there an opportunity to sue for this kind of thing?

The negligence is unacceptable. I am completely heartbroken.

Forest Hills, New York, United States #1247749

did you solve the issue? I'm having the same issue now


I have just been trying to get mine and am shocked you have all had same thing

One big difference though - I can't even see mine



one of their agents told me they have removed the video feature. So while you can not download them onto anything else you should be able to view them, but of course you cannot.

Today I was told they are working on it since they were only view-able on the old website. I am sooo angry

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